Dressy wedges for outdoor summer events held on the lawn

Have you ever been to a formal event, held during the summer, outside, on a lawn? How many times have you worn your most fabulous Prada pumps and have found your heels sinking right into the lawn!? Well, it happens to the best of us-all the time! Thankfully, the summer 2012 season has brought out a huge trend in wedges, which in turn, has produced a large amount of formal and dressy wedges which are perfect for wearing to events held on the lawn!

Wedges are ingenious. Their design is perfect for keeping even the most shoe-addicted Fashionista flat on her feet while standing on the lawn-even if the grass is wet! Nothing ruins the party more than spending the entire time standing and walking on tip toe in order to avoid sinking into the lawn. Thankfully the metallic trend and the glittering shoe trend have transformed the traditional “picnic in the park” wedge into something any cocktail dress would be proud to be paired with!

Summer 2012 has brought us gold, silver and rose gold wedges in fabrications and materials such as glitter, sequins, crystals and metal mesh. Wedges have also popped up in more traditional evening fabrics such as satin which give the shoes a classic “with a twist” appeal.

Since there will be at least one summer event every year until the end of time held on the lawn, this is the perfect season to invest in at least one fabulous pair of formal or dressy wedges for that special wedding, fundraiser, fashion show or party held on mushy, wet grass!

When investing in a wedge you plan to keep in your closet for such an occasion, look for a neutral color such as black, white, brown, nude, gold, silver or rose gold. Also look for styles which transcend trends; and try to stay away from platform wedges which are difficult to walk in on hard surfaces.

We found a few fabulous, dressy wedges online and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Enjoy! Happy shopping and stay fabulous