Twisted Silver launches the Caspian Necklace and brings Middle Eastern flair stateside

The Caspian Necklace by Twisted Silver evokes an instant feeling of strolling through a marketplace in the Middle East. With a vintage Afghani coin as the centerpiece, the combination of stones, shells and beads tumbled on a copper chain takes you instantly to the Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Necklace has a natural flavor to it which makes it unique. The mix of natural and blue hues combined with the copper offers an easy color palette for matching with any ensemble. The Caspian Necklace by Twisted Silver can easily be worn with casual clothing in order to add personal flair to the overall look. The necklace can also be dressed up and worn to dinner, the theater or even with a funky cocktail dress.

Twisted Silver’s Caspian Necklace offers a whimsical yet classic look which instantly becomes a staple in one’s jewelry box as well as a good investment piece. The Caspian Necklace transcends fashion trends and offers personal style which can become a signature piece in one’s jewelry collection.

The Caspian Necklace by Twisted Silver debuted online this week and is priced at $70. The Caspian Necklace can be found online at Use code INSIDERS for 15% off.

caspiannecklace1 caspiannecklace3

All Photos courtesy of Twisted Silver

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