Top five fall trends to wear now

Fall fashions are starting to roll onto store shelves, and all the brightly colored clothing and accessories from the spring 2012 season are being moved to the sale racks. As we don our hot new summer ensembles, we start to feel a pull towards the fall trends which gives us an urge to try and mix in a few trends from the upcoming cool weather season. Why not be ahead of the style curve?!

There is an easy way to integrate fall 2012’s upcoming trends into your summer wardrobe without sweating it out in a tailored menswear jacket. Here are five trends you can wear now while still remaining on-trend for the summer 2012 season:

1) Black and yellow gold: Mixing black and yellow gold together is an easy way to wear this fall trend with lightweight, summer attire. Try gold metallic finishes with black jewelry or a bright color paired with black and yellow gold jewelry. Hot for summer and fall! Love that!
2) The smoking slipper: The smoking slipper is the hot new flat style for the fall season and stores have already stocked their shelves with the comfortable shoe style. Why not pair smoking slippers with cropped jeans on a warm summer day?
3) Chocolate Brown or Nude nails: Nail polish for fall 2012 is either a rich, chocolate brown or a shade of nude. Laura Mercier is launching a fabulous nude polish and dark brown polish in July. Chanel Island, from the summer 2012 collection also fits perfectly into the nude nail polish trend. This is the perfect way to rock fall’s hottest nail trend during the hot summer months while wearing cool and breezy fabrics. Fabulous!
4) Shades of bright green, cobalt blue, lavender, bright pink, Tangerine and soft rose: These pretty hues were hot for the spring/summer season and they are also hot for the fall/winter season. Gravitate towards these shades during the summer and you will gracefully flow into the fall season.
5) A neutral, navy or black satchel: The satchel is one of the most important handbag styles from the spring/summer season, and it is still just as important for the fall/winter season. Handbags for fall are going towards eye-catching texture and patterns or classic, smooth neutrals. Look for satchels in solid black, neutrals, browns or navy to carry you well into the holiday season. You will love the classic look and how easy the handbag style is pair with your day-to-day attire. Love that!

This summer the key to shopping is to find items you love for the summer months on the sale rack, and also to buy a few necessities for the hot summer months. It is time to start thinking about fall by shopping your closet, making a list and then hitting the stores to fill in your wardrobe. Happy shopping and stay fabulous