Fall 2012 fashion trends: shades of green

Green was one of the most important colors for the spring/summer 2012 season and the vibrant hue is showing no sign of slowing down for the fall/winter 2012/2013 season. While the spring/summer season gave Fashionistas varying shades of medium green and mint green, the fall season is offering up more shades of medium green, traditional autumn dark green, forest green and some military green.

Green for fall 2012 is an easy hue to wear since it blends well with fall’s navy trend, dark blue trend and works well with both brown and black neutral hues. Green also plays well with ivory, winter white and eggshell shades which are also part of the neutral fall 2012 color palette.

There are many ways to wear and incorporate green into one’s fall 2012 wardrobe. Green accessories are an easy way to add the color to your wardrobe without going out and buying several outfits or separate’s. Green handbags and shoes are all the rage for fall 2012 as well as green hued gemstones on jewelry such as jade, tsavorite garnet, some opals, green sapphire, malachite, tourmaline, emerald, peridot and chrysoprase.

We found a few fabulous green items for the fall 2012 season and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous