Spring Shoe Event at Ross and shopping review

The Spring Shoe Event at Ross Stores is happening right now, through April 26, 2012. Since we here at Bay Area Fashionista happen to love shoes, Ross Stores asked us to stop by their exciting shoe event and see for ourselves why we should not pay department store prices. It was not difficult to twist our arms since we love shoes.

Ross Stores offered us a $25 gift certificate to use at any of their Bay Area locations and we decided to accept it and see for ourselves what types of shoes we could buy for $25. This seemed challenging, but we are always up for a shopping challenge, so Cathy accepted the gift card and went to Ross.

I decided to visit the Ross location at Westgate Shopping Center in San Jose, California and see what I could find for $25; after all, the only shoes I currently own under $25 are plastic flip flops for the pool. I walked into the store skeptical that I would be able to find something for $25, but I soon discovered there were a lot of shoes to sort through. When I picked up a pair of cork soled wedges I almost suffered from a heart attack. $13.99! Is that price for real? It was for real, and there were more shoes just like them on the shelves. I found it would have been very easy to go home with two pairs of shoes and still stay under $25.

I sorted through the size 9 isle and the size 8.5 isle finding shoes priced between $9.99 and $24.99. I found many shoes which were on trend for the spring season. Not only were these shoes hot for the spring 2012 season, some of them were by New York designers I covet from the runway; pinch me I must be dreaming!

I ended up with five pairs of shoes for a mere $145! For the price of one pair of shoes from a department store, I went home with five pairs! Talk about shopping bliss! Below are the fabulous deals I found on my excursion to Ross at Westgate Shopping Center.

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Pewter floral thongs. Retail price $39, Ross price $13.99; Casual yellow patent flower sandals. Retail price $69, Ross price $22.99 (Hot New York designer!)

Dark beige leather high heel sandals. Retail price $140, Ross price $41.99. (Hot New York designer who shows during New York Fashion Week!); Red patent casual sandals. Retail price $39, Ross price $16.99; White patent cork wedges. Retail price $88, Ross price $39.99. (Hot New York designer!)

The Spring Shoe Event at Ross continues through April 26, 2012. If you are in the market for saving money on shoes, I highly recommend checking it out.

*Tip: Ross Stores can get VERY crowded. Allow enough time for leisurely browsing and standing in line to pay. The best time to go to Ross is when the store opens, and preferably on a weekday. Happy shopping and stay fabulous

*I wish I could share the brand and designer names with you, unfortunately I have been advised this is not possible. To find out who the designers are, please visit a Ross location near you. To find the nearest Ross location, please visitrossstores.com

*We received a gift certificate for $25 to use at Ross Stores during the Spring Shoe Event. We were not required to purchase anything, nor were we required to write a review. Everything expressed in this article is our own opinion and experience. For more information, please see our disclaimer.