Chanel releases their spring 2012 runway nail polish: Attraction is here

Chanel has released their spring 2012 runway nail polish color, “Attraction” to stores this month and with the pearly white shade, the iconic fashion house has also released three additional, late spring colors. The three additional colors, “Distraction,” “Frisson” and “Tentation” are shimmering colors which are also on-trend for the spring 2012 season.

“Attraction” is the long-awaited runway shade from the Chanel spring 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week last fall. The hue, which offers a pearly white color, needs three applications to not show streaks. This is the perfect warm weather neutral since it can be worn with all of the bright colors of the spring 2012 season. This is also an easy color to wear on toes since it will not clash with colorful sandals and open toe pumps; love that!

For those who enjoy a bit more color and are getting bored with April, May and June, the new late-spring shades are juicy and packed with sparkling color. “Distraction” is a fabulous bright pink with an orange undertone. This warm color applies perfectly in two coats and works well with all the orange, yellow and pink colors of the spring season. Love!

“Frisson” is the perfect pink for the Fashionista who has embraced the pastel color trend for the spring 2012 season. This light pink is sweet and candy-like; it too applies nicely in two coats.

“Tentation” is a dark pink with cherry red undertones which works well with shades of pink, red, purple, fuschia, blue and green this spring season. This is a great alternative to red for Fashionistas who enjoy a more classic nail polish, but are ready to break away from regular reds.

While the “IT” polish for late spring is Chanel’s “Attraction,” the other late-spring colors, and the early spring colors of “April,” “May” and “June” are all perfect and on-trend for the warm weather season. So many options=fabulous!

Bay Area Fashionista tip: We love “Attraction” on toes and wearing “Distraction,” “Frisson,” “Tentation,” “April,” “May” or June” on the fingers. Since spring 2012 is all about color, why miss out on the opportunity to show off your colorful side with your hands! “Distraction” is perfect for toes since toenails are so close to shoes, you never have to worry about clashing. 

Which color is your favorite?

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