Bold earrings for spring 2012

One of the hottest trends for spring 2012 is the bold jewelry trend. With this trend comes bold, shoulder dusting earrings which cannot help but be noticed. There are so many options and very few rules when it comes to large, bold earrings for the spring 2012 season. Every style of earring imaginable is hot, making this the perfect season to shop your jewelry box and also add to it!

Huge earrings were du rigueur in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since then, earrings have gone through cycles of being small, medium or targeting a specific style. There was the hoop or circle trend in the early 2000’s and the chandelier trend earlier in the century.

This time around, hoops, circles, chandeliers and more can be rescued from the back of our jewelry boxes and given new life. In addition to wearing earrings from seasons past, which can be passed off as vintage if they are ten or more years old, there are dozens of new dangle earring styles on store shelves for the spring season.

Designers and brands have created amazing dangle earring styles for the spring season. There are linear and bold styles which offer movement and mixes of texture as well as sturdy and large metal earrings which cannot be missed.

Another trend in earrings is the chain trend. Edgy chain earrings are being found everywhere and offering a slightly rock and roll vibe to feminine earring styles. Also look for colorful gemstones mixed together; a great way to incorporate the color blocking trend and bright color trend into your wardrobe.

Below we found several bold earrings for the spring season around the web. Of course, every store you walk into this season will offer huge earrings which are on-trend and perfect for the spring season. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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