Cork for spring 2012

Cork is one of the hottest fabrications found on accessories for the spring 2012 season. Eco-chic cork is found mainly on shoes for the spring 2012 season, but the innovative fabrication can also be found on handbags, jewelry and even as trim on belts and apparel.

Cork graced the runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London last fall when designers showed off their new spring 2012 collections. These cork designs have taken store shelves by storm and as the weather warms up, they will soon overtake the streets. Designers such as Prada and Stella McCartney are showing cork for the spring 2012 season, and many moderate priced brands are following suit with cork collections of their own for spring.

Normally found used for stoppers on wine bottles, or for noteboards, cork has become an innovative material over the past few decades. Builders use cork for insulation in homes and it has also been used as chic floor and wall tiles. Cork originates from the “Cork Oak” tree and is considered a renewable resource; making it an eco-chic fabrication, love it! What makes cork fabulous is that it is made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, therefore, the tree does not need to be cut down. The bark regrows, which is why cork is a renewable resource and eco-chic!

Cork is definitely one of the hottest ways to update your wardrobe for spring 2012. Not only is cork a renewable resource, making it eco-chic, the material offers texture and a natural vibe which is refreshing for the warm weather months. Look for both casual and dressy options this season when it comes to cork shoes, handbags and apparel.

We scoured the web and put together a few items through the Polyvore set below to help you get started on your cork shopping for spring 2012. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous

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