AkzoNobel ColourFutures declares Terra Cotta Rose the International color of 2012

There are many color experts in the marketplace who conduct a thourough analysis of trends and predict which colors will be hot during any given year. Every year fashion magazines, news outlets and bloggers pick up on the “color of the year” as declared by global color experts. While we talked about Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango for 2012 in December, AkzoNobel has released their color for 2012, which happens to be Terra Cotta Rose.

AkzoNobel was the first company to begin declaring a “Color of The Year” back in 2003 when the company put together ColourFutures and predicted the “IT” color for 2004. For 2012, AkzoNobel has declared Terra Cotta Rose the color of 2012, which is a warm reddish-pink hue.

While AkzoNobel’s colors tend to be found in paints and fabrications used in interior design, the spaces we live in are also a reflection of who we are and our lifestyles. This is why the hot interior design color for 2012 can also be found in the fashion industry. Shades of red have already been spotted in pre-fall 2012 collections which designers and brands such as Alice + Olivia and Rachel Zoe have released through photographs to the general public. Shades of red have also been spotted alongside orange hues on store shelves for the spring 2012 season; proving that red is an important color for 2012.

Terra Cotta Rose is a warm, pinkish-red which can easily blend with warm and cool colors; making it an easy color to work with when it comes to creating the perfect color blocked ensemble for spring or summer. The warm hue is also a great transitional color from spring into fall; making it a smart investment color.

*Special THANK YOU to Barbara from AkzoNobel for taking the time to speak with me about the intricate process of gathering color experts from around the globe to meet and discuss current color trends. The meeting involves twenty global experts who discuss color trends in their region. The meeting determines which colors will be hot for the following year on a worldwide scale. To see the full report, please visitcolourfutures.us