Spring 2012 jewelry trends from the runway

The spring 2012 runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London left the fashion world a bevy of eye candy. Fashion got bold and unapologetic for the upcoming warm season. Spring 2012 is anything but understated, and the jewelry trends from the runway reflect that overall vibe.

Shimmer and Shine: Spring/summer 2012 is all about sparkle. As decadent luxury returns to the forefront of fashion, faux and real gemstones return to the forefront of jewelry. Look for every type of gem from opaque to fiery sparkles. Bring on the bling!

Stacked Bracelets: An arm full of candy is all the rage for spring and summer 2012. Stacked bracelets are hot and there is more than meets the eye. An armful of stacked bracelets is not only eye candy, the bracelets should tell a story or mean something. Look for bracelets which are being sold to raise money for a cause or symbolize strife. While decadence is in fashion, so is recognizing that most of the world is not as fortunate as we are. Look for bracelets with a cause such as the M2 Mary Margrill “Connect” bracelet, Stella & Dot’s “Tribute” bracelet, Relief International’s “Relief Bead” bracelet and Twisted Silver’s “Tokyo” bangle.

Bold Jewelry- Necklaces and Earrings: Notice-me earrings and necklaces are all the rage for spring 2012. The bigger and bolder the better. Look for statement making pieces and wear them with simple necklines for the ultimate jewelry statement. Remember- Bigger is Better.

Statement Cuff bracelets: Make a statement with your cuff. If huge necklaces and earrings are too fussy for you, then a bold cuff is the right choice for rocking the bold jewelry trend. Look for cuffs with unusual details such as petrified wood or raw amethyst on an understated metal such as brass, copper or silver.

Eco-Chic: Recycled materials and regard for the environment are not only trendy, they are a human responsibility. Therefore, it isn’t any wonder that materials such as vintage watch faces and repurposed materials are hot for spring 2012. Look for recycled materials which are turned into artisan, bold pieces. Not sure where to start? No-one does eco-chic jewelry better than Twisted Silver. Use code INSIDERS for a 15% discount 

There you have it. Jewelry for spring 2012 is big, bold, eco-chic and statement making.  Happy shopping and stay fabulous