Spring 2012 handbag trends: the IT list is in

The handbag trends from the spring 2012 runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London gave handbag fans and Fashionistas everywhere a sneak peek into which trends are continuing from 2011 into 2012, as well as which trends are taking the world by storm. Bold color, daytime clutches and satchels showed themselves yet again, signaling they are three trends worth investing in now; since they are not going anywhere in 2012. Newer trends to watch for are the return of decadent luxury, black/white, color blocking, casual tote bags and sweet details such as bows.

1)      Bold Color: Bright, neon and bold colors were du rigueur in 2011 and are showing no sign of stopping as we head into 2012. Handbags have been anything but neutral and colorful bags are even more important as we head into spring and summer 2012. Look for bold shades of orange, pink, yellow, green and blue.

2)      Color Blocking: Blocks of color took the spring 2012 runways by storm. Look for handbags with two or three shades on them; preferably colors you would not expect together such as orange and pink.

3)      Shimmer and Shine: This is not a season to hide in the shadows. Look for shimmering and shiny details such as patent leather, faux patent, glittering beadwork, sequins and anything that will catch the sun.

4)      Decadent Luxury: The only reason a handbag should be plain and simple is if it is a solid color of neon or other hue requiring sunglasses. Go lux.

5)      Satchels: The double handle satchel is a classic yet very important handbag style for spring 2012. If you cannot handle going bright, pick a classic satchel in beige or black-just make sure it has some details on it. Look for inspiration from the Chloe Marcie.

6)      Totes: The ultimate handbag for the weekend this spring 2012 season is the casual tote. Look for color blocking, plaid or any kitschy fabrication. The tote should be roomy enough for a beach towel without being roomy enough to tote the kitchen sink; literally.

7)      Daytime Clutches: The clutch has been one of the most important handbags in 2011 and is showing no sign of slowing down for 2012. Look for bright colors and enough room for your daily handbag essentials.

8)      Going Vegan: There is a huge move away from animal by products and towards vegan fashion. Faux leathers and materials are hot for spring. Look for animal friendly fashion from Stella McCartney, Olsen Haus and Jill Milan. A few designers are starting to add animal friendly items to their collections, look to Valentino for fabulous, non-leather handbags which no-one will ever guess are faux.

9)      Bows: Bows are huge and being found everywhere from details on a shirt to the main feature of a handbag. Show your sweet side with a bow. Our favorite way to wear this trend is with one of Valentino’s bow handbags. Valentino makes the bow sophisticated and uptown; love it!

10)   Metallic touches: Metallic has been in style for the past few years and is showing no sign of fading for spring 2012. Combine metallic’s with bright colors for an over-the-top statement or use it to update your basic black wardrobe.

11)   Black and White: Black and white geometric patterns and color blocked apparel and handbags are hot for spring 2012. 


The verdict is in. Look for bright colors and classic silhouettes for the ultimate spring handbag wardrobe. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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