Twisted Silver Starburst necklace brings sparkle to a dreary fall day

The bold jewelry trend is huge for fall 2011; and it is showing no sign of slowing down as models are sent down the spring 2012 runways in New York as we speak. One of the biggest trends from fall, which is taking the spring 2012 runways by storm, is mixing unexpected colors together. The new Starburst necklace from Twisted Silver takes care of both the bold jewelry trend and the trend of mixing colors; making the necklace a perfect investment to wear now and in 2012.

The Starburst necklace by Twisted Silver features an asymmetrical string of tumbled glass mixed with earthy stones. The brass necklace features a hard-torched Starburst pendant which is bold and adds a bit of sparkle to a foggy fall day. This is an easy necklace to layer or wear alone; whatever your mood.

To learn more about the Twisted Silver Starburst necklace, priced at $70, please visit and use code INSIDERS for 15% of your purchase! Happy shopping and stay fabulous