Naya Shoes are eco-chic and on-trend for summer!

Eco-conscious footwear that is both green and fashionable is difficult to find. One of the biggest problems with many eco-conscious shoe companies is that the footwear does not provide style and comfort. Naya Shoes has solved this problem by creating a shoe collection that is on-trend, comfortable AND green; fabulous!

The spring and summer 2011 shoe styles that have made it from the runway to reality include platforms, ankle straps, wedges and clogs. Naya Shoes has created styles that fit into these hot trends for spring and summer while being both eco-conscious and comfortable.

Naya Shoes are made from vegetable-tanned leathers, natural and recycled fabrics, natural cork (which happens to be a renewable resource) and water-based cements and glues. The packaging is equally eco-conscious and high quality; which makes for long-lasting and easy shoe storage. The Naya Shoes boxes are made from 80% recycled pulp, soy based inks, water-based glues, shoes forms made from recycled PET and reusable dust bags.

Wondering which Naya Shoes style to pick? We here are at Bay Area Fashionista are partial to the hot and on-trend Samara Sandal which features an ankle strap and ultra soft leather. The Alpine is the perfect high heel sandal with perforated leather and the t-strap; another hot trend from the runway. Naya Shoes has also created the perfect wedge sandal for spring and summer; the Maize. This fabulous wedge features a straw and leather sole with a strappy and casual look; love it!

Why do we love Naya Shoes so much? They are eco-chic, ultra comfortable and fashionable! Fabulous! Naya Shoes can be found online at and at Nordstrom Stores and Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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