Shopping tips after losing weight

Losing weight is usually a happy time for a Fashionista, until one realizes everything in the closet is way too big! Although this is a good problem to have, most peoples’ wallets are not too pleased about the problem. Aside from the expected expense of buying an entire new wardrobe, the tiresome task of doing some major shopping can not only seem time-consuming on paper, it can seem downright daunting.

Since buying a new, smaller size wardrobe is supposed to be fun, here is a checklist for making the most of your time and money while shopping for the new, small you!

Plan of attack: Before you hit the mall, you will need a plan of attack. 

1)      Check your budget. The last thing you want to do is go crazy at the mall and exceed your budget. Look at your monthly income and expenses and calculate your disposable income. If you fear it may not be enough, it is OK to take a small amount from your savings-as long as you do not “blow the wad” on your shopping trip. Just remember, the last thing you want to do is run up credit card debt.

2)      Take a day off work: Week-ends and evenings are the worst times to shop. The best time to shop is on a Tuesday or Wednesday when the stores open. So treat yourself to a day off from work and arrive at the mall when they unlock the doors. Not only will the mall be fairly empty, the sale associates will be well-rested and be able to give you individual attention since they will not be juggling week-end crowds.

3)      Wear comfortable shoes. As fabulous as wearing a new pair of dress shoes (men) or a pair of hot new Louboutin’s may seem, your feet will hurt and your shopping trip will be cut short. Go for flatter shoes that you could walk for miles in; literally.

4)      Wear clothing that is easy to take on and off. If you wear several layers that involve buttons, zippers and ties, you will get annoyed taking them on and off every time you want to try on clothes. Wear something light and easy to take on and off.

5)      To bring a friend or to not bring a friend, that is the question. This is an individual preference. Do you have a friend who will focus on YOU and not her boyfriend who is cheating on her? Pick your shopping buddy carefully. This day is all about YOU, so if you bring a friend, make sure s/he will concentrate on you and give you an honest opinion about what you try on. Do not bring more than one person with you if you decide to buddy up. Too many cooks. . .well, you know the saying!

6)      Get help! Sales Associates are more than happy to help you out. Make sure you explain that you have recently lost weight and are looking for a new wardrobe. Also, let him or her know about your budget so that s/he will suggest items you can actually afford. A Sales Associate will also help you get new sizes when you are half-dressed in the fitting room. So luxurious!

7)      Try everything on! Do not buy something because you think it is cute and you may be able to fit into it. Try everything on, especially since you may not know your current size. Also, take several sizes into the fitting room with you and do not be afraid to ask the sales associate to bring you new sizes. They will be more than happy to help you and trying on several sizes will help you discover your new “tag number range.”

8)      Do not concern yourself with the number on the tag. Every designer, brand, cut and style will fit differently. You might find yourself wearing size 10 Gap jeans, size 12 Bebe trousers and size 6 Ann Taylor khaki pants. The size means nothing; it is all about the fit.

9)      The Shopping List: This is the most important part of your trip. You need a skeleton wardrobe to start off your new small you, so make sure you do not impulse buy while you shop! Make a shopping list of items you know you live in and will need the most. Stick to buying basics the first time around such as jeans, black pants, a navy suit (men), little black dress (women) etc.

10)   Have fun! This is the new you and this shopping excursion is a celebration of how hard you worked to lose weight and how fabulous you are inside and out. Cheers and enjoy your new wardrobe!