Spring 2011 jewelry trends: Bling Watches Make a Comeback

The Bling Watch is making a comeback after drifting back into jewelry boxes the last few seasons. As the economy rebounds, fashion is making a move away from basics and into embellished territory. During the dot-boom, Fashionistas here in the Bay Area and beyond flocked to the Bling Watch as celebrities and fashion trend setters everywhere donned the biggest, most sparkly watch they could find. Diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones adorned bezels and watch faces as well as clasps and buckles on watch bands. Faux stones as well as fiery crystals also adorned watches and let the world know when a person was approaching; as the watch could be seen before the actual person wearing the watch.

As the recession hit and bling became, well, let’s just say poor taste, watches became unadorned and basic. Fashionistas pulled classic Cartier Tank watches from the back of their jewelry box or went shopping for an understated and classic stainless steel watch. While watches still went through trends such as brightly colored rubber wrist-bands or ceramic details, the overall look of the watch was a lot less shiny than earlier in the century.

Watch makers are returning the Bling Watch as the recession rebounds and consumers are more willing to show a little sparkle and flash. Fendi just introduced  a new watch with interchangeable bezels and semi-precious gemstones which is sure to spark the Bling Watch trend into high gear. Ebel also offers understated versions of the Bling Watch which include diamond bezels that are less flashy and more on the dressy side.

Last time the Bling Watch was hot, everything about the watches was bigger than life. Straps were thick as were watch faces. Jewelers and watch makers tried to fit as many diamonds and gemstones onto the watch as humanly possible, making them large, bulky and anything but understated. As we cautiously move out of the recession, consumers may take a more conservative approach to fashion, seeking flash without too much of a bigger-than-life show. This might be one trends to watch before leaping into a major watch purchase. Will watches add bling yet stay slim? Or will designers, a year from now go big and bold and blinged out? .And yes, the word bling is tired, but it could make a comeback along with the gem encrusted watches  Happy trend watching, and stay fabulous.