Spring 2011 Fashion Trends from the runway: Embellishments

Embellishments were all over the runways during New York, Paris, London and Milan’s fashion week’s for spring 2011. Designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Roberto Cavalli showed fringe, feathers and other embellishments on frocks which proved to the fashion savvy world that minimalism is on it’s way out. Although minimalism was still present on many runways in New York, and scattered on a few runways in Europe, the overall movement in fashion for spring 2011 is embellished fabric, mixed colors, not-so-basic neutrals and a return to bling.

Fringe, feathers and unique adornments were seen on classic dresses by Chanel as well as hippie chic skirts by Roberto Cavalli. The embellished fabrics did not discriminate when it came to trend or style type. Vintage and modern looks were given short fringe, long fringe, some feathers or full blown out feathered fabrics. Designers even created florals out of fabric and leather as well as adorned frocks in sequins and even seashells; Roberto Cavalli was responsible for the seashells. 

As fashion savvy shoppers over the past seasons we have been building up our basics and core wardrobe essentials while the recession was in full swing and designers produced 90’s minimalism looks for store shelves. Department store buyers even shied away from bright colors or exotic styles and opted to fill their racks with more classic and easy to sell pieces. Now that The White House has declared that the recession is over, whether or not we choose to believe it due to our own circumstances, the fashion world has returned to embellishments and bling. As resort collections roll into stores this month, there is a spark of hope that the not-so-basic pieces from the runway will make into the shops and eventually into our closet’s. Candy colored handbags, shoes and frocks are arriving for the resort and cruise season in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. This could signal more confidence in store buyers which in turn, could mean more buyer confidence from consumers.

As spring 2011 rolls into the stores, Fashionistas are hoping to see the bright colors and fabulous embellishments that were shown all over the runways. Since this is the start of the embellishment trend, it is the perfect time to invest in fringe, feathers and all that adorns a fabulous piece of clothing. Why not grab a fringe leather jacket? Find a handbag with a huge tassel! Go for three color shoes with an ankle strap or an open-toe bootie! The last thing we want to purchase for spring 2011 is something basic and boring; after all, that is what we have been buying over the past two years! Ugh! It is time for some fun and playful fashions to enter our closets. Savvy shoppers will look at the resort and cruise collections for spring 2011 trends. The best items to look for are dresses with fringe, jackets with flair, vests with feathers, handbags with tassel’s and multi-colored shoes. Happy shopping and stay fabulous