Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: The Return of 1970’s Fashion

Fall 2010 fashion trends are giving Fashionistas in the Bay Area a variety of choices to compliment ones’ personal style. In addition to 90s Minimalism  and the 50s full skirt silhouette , designers such as Gucci have given fashion savvy fashionistas, the option of channeling the 1970s. There could not be a better time for Fashionistas in the Bay Area to relive the styles and trends from the 1970s. After all, there is a chance we could re-elect Jerry Brown, aka Governor Moonbeam! If we do, California will experience a vivid deja-vu!

Frida Giannini designed amazing A-line jackets, boot-cut trousers and 70′ style handbags for Gucci’s Fall 2010 collection. Prada designed chunky cardigan sweaters reminiscent of the 70’s for the Fall 2010 collection. Salvatore Ferragamo reinvented the sweater vest, giving it a slight sparkle weave throughout the stitches. Ferregamo’s sweater vest can also be worn with the 90s Minimalism  look, adding a bit of sass to an otherwise all-black outfit. Calvin Klein’s thin, column dresses blurred the lines between 90s Minimalism color palettes and 70’s silhouettes. Gucci is also re-introducing the 1973 shoulder bag that was a huge hit for the fashion house int he mid-seventies.

The 1970’s styles that are being shown for Fall can easily be mixed with the 1990’s Minimalism  also prominent in Fall fashion. The colors are very similar with shades of brown, black and white. The 1973 Gucci shoulder bag can easily be paired with an all-black 90s Minimalism outfit comprised of black boot-cut trousers, black turtleneck and the Ferragamo, black with sparkles sweater vest. Top off the outfit with a red coat and Fall 2010 is born!

The flashback fashion trends for Fall 2010 are screaming for vintage finds. This is a great season to scour the vintage stores across the Bay Area and also check inside Mom’s closet or even Grandma’s closet. You never know what you could find! Happy shopping and stay fabulous.