The Nude Wedge: Perfect for every Occasion!

Fashionistas in the San Francisco Bay Area are no stranger to the fabulous effect nude high heels have on their legs and overall appearance. The nude, neutral or beige shoe gives the leg a long and slender appearance making it’s wearer appear taller, thinner and fabulous! Nude high heels have been a mainstay in the bay area fashionistas wardrobe over the years for many reasons. When a shoe is neutral, it can be worn with multiple outfits and works with most seasonal styles from Spring through Fall. The nude colored shoe can also be worn selectively during the winter months. This is why Spring and Summer 2010 is so exciting for the style-savvy in the bay area!

The Nude colored wedge is one of the hottest shoe styles off the Paris, Milan and New York runways.  Not only does this fabulous style give its’ wearer height, it is also a great neutral shoe that will match almost every outfit in a fashionistas closet! Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Fendi and many more have introduced their own version of the nude wedge for Spring and Summer 2010. The wonderful part of this trend is that designers have given fashionistas a large choice of fabrications and styles in order to ensure there is a shoe for everyone out there. Chanel showed fabrics such as twill and tweed while Gucci and Valentino used soft leather. In addition to wedges, fashionistas have the option of wearing the nude shoe trend in the form of platform shoes or traditional high heels.

Silicon Valley is the birthplace of business casual, giving fashionistas in the bay area the option to create a fabulous outfit for work with the foundation of the nude wedge. Style-savvy women in other parts of the country are not as fortunate as we are here by the bay. Although “California Casual” has caught on for “Casual Fridays” in the workplace across the country, we here in the bay area wear casual friday attire all week long. This gives us even more reason to invest in the nude wedge this season. The nude wedge gives fashionistas the option of wearing a fabulous pair of shoes to work and then continue wearing them for dinner and a night out on the town. This is the perfect time to invest in a pair of nude wedges. They come and go every few years in fashion which makes them a great pair of shoes to have in the closet plus the nude wedge will update any look in a fashionistas closet this Spring and Summer whether for work or play. Budget-conscious style lovers may want to wait until May when some of the Spring Sales starts. This will be a great time to pick up a fabulous pair of nude wedges at an amazing price. Happy shopping and stay fabulous!