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Sticky Skins review: Taking a laptop from drab to fab

How many times have you looked at your laptop and wished it was just as fashionable and fabulous as you? Sticky Skins has solved this problem with easy to use adhesives which can be applied to a laptop in order to reflect the users’ personality. There are hundreds of Sticky Skins to choose from and they are made for almost every tech product you can possibly think of including the iPad, iPhone, Wii and more.

We decided to dress up a laptop with a wavy design that reminded us of the amazing Pucci prints we love so dearly. There are two types of Sticky Skins for laptops; Macbook sized Sticky Skins and Universal Laptop Sticky Skins. Although we have a 15” Dell, we applied a Macbook Pro 15 in “Swirly Stripes” sample designed by redadditiction to our laptop.

Sticky Skins provides easy to follow instructions on the back of their packaging. We carefully peeled the Sticky Skins from the packaging and placed it on the top of the Dell laptop to see how it would fit. The Macbook Pro 15 Sticky Skin was a bit too big so we took a pair of scissors and attempted to cut it down in order to fit our laptop. The scissors made an uneven cut so we decided to try a sharper, more precise Zacto knife. Perfect!

After we sized the Sticky Skins to fit our laptop, we applied it according to the instructions on the back of the packaging and voila! Our laptop went from drab to fab in a matter of fifteen minutes from start to finish! After all, our laptop should be just as fashionable on the outside as it is on the inside; after all, it does contain hundreds of fashion photos and articles 

To learn more about Sticky Skins, please visit their website at

*Bay Area Fashionista’s tips:

  1. If you need to size down your new Sticky Skins, use a Zacto knife or similar cutting tool in order to make an even cut.
  2. It is easier to cut the Sticky Skins if one person holds the Sticky Skins in place and one person cuts.