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Seth Kornegay Petra fragrance review

Seth Kornegay is a new perfumer who launched a collection of nine luxurious fragrances at the end of May 2013. The luxurious line of perfumes is produced in limited quantities and prices start at $285 per ounce. Seth Kornegay uses only the finest, natural ingredients curated from around the world. What is amazing about Seth Kornegay is that his perfume is created using the art of high perfumery which is often lost in the highly consumerist modern world of fast fashion and beauty.

Seth Kornegay feels that his clientele is one who appreciates the finest quality and luxury. One of his new scents, “Orla,” was created to honor first lady Michelle Obama who embodies elegant, refined simplicity.

I was honored when Seth Kornegay sent me a bottle of one of his fine perfumes to test out. The packaging and label alone define simple luxury; yet what is inside the bottle is far from simple. The complex fragrance experience from Seth Kornegay’s perfume is intoxicatingly brilliant and addictive.

Seth Kornegay’s “Petra” is the perfume I tested out. This unisex fragrance offers a combination of Islay single-malt Scotch whiskey, wild Northern herbs and rare barks which combine into a continually changing fragrance experience of white and dark woody notes. Every few hours the perfume has a new, fresh scent on my wrist which is invigorating and keeping me wanting more. Love this!

Now that I have become addicted to “Petra” by Seth Kornegay, I definitely want to try out more of his brilliant fragrances. To learn more about Seth Kornegay and his line of luxurious perfumes, as well as to shop his perfume collection, please visit

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Photo: c/o Seth Kornegay. “Petra” eau de parfum.

Photo: Close-up of the label on “Petra” c/o Seth Kornegay.

Photo credits: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©