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Respect Your Universe performance apparel for men review

Respect Your Universe, or RYU, is a performance apparel company which currently produces workout gear for men and will introduce a women’s line in July 2012. RYU is a unique performance gear company in that the company uses recycled materials and believes strongly in sustainability. Love this!

Respect Your Universe was founded by a group of friends who wanted to create the best martial arts shorts money could buy. They spoke with elite athletes and with their input, designed the ultimate shorts for martial arts, and working out in general.

Strength, honor, respect and sustainability were the athlete’s unspoken code and it was this way of life which inspired the brand to be born. The apparel stays put; wicks moisture, moves with the body and it is incredibility comfortable; we discovered this by putting the apparel to the test!

Rob tested out the “Tanto Compression Short,” a tee-shirt and the “Tanto Compression Long-Sleeve” shirt in 80 degree California heat, in direct sunlight. Rob ran sprint drills, bleacher drills, shot a few hoops and ran football drills on the field. RYU’s apparel was incredible and kept the moisture off his body so that he was able to feel cool and comfortable while working out.

The shorts and tee shirts allowed Rob to move easily and stayed put on his body while he ran drills. He loved the apparel and is excited to wear it again when he hits the gym for a spin class, martial arts class and for weight training. He also plans to use the tee-shirt for playing tennis. Final verdict by Rob: he loved it!

Bay Area Fashionista rates Respect Your Universe (RYU) apparel five out of five stars.

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*We received four pieces of apparel from RYU for editorial consideration. We were not required to write about the line, nor did receipt of the items influence our opinion or review of the product. Everything contained in this article is the sole opinion of the writer and tester and should be treated as such. For more information or if you have any questions, please see our disclaimer.