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Pure Natural Diva botanical perfumes review

Pure Natural Diva perfumes are a new line of botanical fragrances which are fresh and long lasting. The collection of natural fragrances offer a fragrance experience which transports you through fields of flowers, citrus groves and exotic faraway lands. These are the types of perfumes I love to wear.

Pure Natural Diva sent me four sample vials of their fragrance collection, which was nothing short of amazing! All four fragrances offered a long fragrance experience with just one dab of perfume in the morning. The botanical perfumes cycled through top, middle and base notes offering a fresh and complex fragrance experience throughout the day. I definitely need to invest in full bottles of these perfumes!

The four botanical perfumes from Pure Natural Diva I tested were “Pure,” “Elixir,” “Natural” and “Diva.”

“Pure” offered notes of cassie, lavender, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime and Egyptian neroli. Normally I shy away from chamomile, but with Pure Natural Diva’s “Pure” fragrance the chamomile was blended with the right amount of citrus and florals which created a soft yet vibrant fragrance experience I found calming; much like drinking herbal tea in the evening. The combination of florals and citrus in “Pure” make this an easy to wear fragrance in cool, warm and hot weather. Love that!

“Natural” offered a slightly spicy floral fragrance experience which reminded me of a floral garden at dawn. This perfume combined notes of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose and soothing ylang ylang. I love the exotic floral combination of “Natural!” I feel “Natural” is ideal for warm and hot weather due to the exotic floral combination.

“Diva” provided a warm, woody fragrance experience which I found to be ideal for a “date night.” I am a huge fan of musk, sandalwood and vanilla; so the combination of these three fragrance notes in “Diva” makes this perfume a huge must-have in my fragrance collection! “Diva” is also ideal for warm, cool and cold weather. Nothing keeps you warmer than a sultry fragrance!

I always save the best for last.  “Elixir” was hands-down my favorite fragrance from Pure Natural Diva botanical fragrances. The combination of aphrodisiacal vanilla, oakmoss, exquisite osmanthus, pink grapefruit and red mandarin is to-die-for! This complex fragrance kept me on my toes all day as it cycled through woody and citrus phases while maintaining a rich, warm vanilla base. The vanilla in “Elixir” is the most pure vanilla I have experienced in any fragrance; and I spend money on my perfume! “Elixir” is warm and perfect for cold, cool and warm weather. It is also an ideal evening fragrance for both casual and formal affairs. Love this!

Pure Natural Diva botanical perfumes can be found online at pndbotanicals.com. There are sample sets for $14 and $16 which are a great way to test out the different scents and see which one you fall in love with. The full bottles are 1.67oz. EDT and are priced from $100 to $150.