Pantone color of the year 2019 Living Coral

pantone color of 2019 living coral color of the year

photo courtesy of Pantone.

Drumroll please . . . the color of 2019 has arrived! The new color we all will covet in the new year is “Living Coral!” On Thursday, December 6, 2018 Pantone announced the new color of the year for 2019. The newest color in fashion and interior design is Living Coral.

Living Coral was one of the top 12 colors for the spring/summer 2019 on the New York Fashion Week runways last September. So, it is no surprise that one of the top 12 colors from the spring 2019 runways has become the ultimate color of the year for all four seasons in 2019.

pantone living coral swatch color of 2019

Unlike the color of 2018 which was a purple that transcended seasons, Living Coral is a very spring/summer hue. It is much more playful and spirited than the colors of the year we have seen lately. This color is engaging, and draws you in.

According to Pantone, we will see Living Coral used for eyes, cheeks, hair and nails in the coming year. (photo courtesy of Pantone)

Living Coral is a color found in nature. It symbolizes the need to preserve the earth. If you think about coral, it is a color seen in sunsets, oceans, and nature in general. In the ocean, it is a color that protects other colors; coral reefs are home to many vividly colored sea creatures. This is a warm, soft orange with golden undertones, which according to Pantone, “. . . energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

When it comes to fashion, Living Coral can be seen as a vintage hue being revived. Although versions of coral began popping up on the 2016, 2017, and 2018 runways, it really took center in fashion during the 1960’s and 1980’s. For 2019, we are seeing it in both women and men’s fashions as it returns to center stage. This color is being used as the focal point of a design, as well as accent hue in accessories. It’s everywhere!

I believe we will see it more in the spring, summer, and resort collections, then fall and winter; although it has been spotted on cold weather runways already. I find it very unexpected for cold weather fashion, so it will be fun to see how the color progresses throughout the year in fashion. Although, Living Coral would pair nicely in the fall and winter with chocolate brown or dark beige. It should be fun to see if designers use it on the fall/winter 2019/20 runways coming up in February 2019!

What do you think of Living Coral for 2019? Is this a color you see yourself wearing or decorating your home with? You can learn more at

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Collina Strada runway for spring/summer 2019 NYFW; photo credit Matt/ In Spades Blog /

Collina Strada SS19 nyfw runway

Top 12 colors for spring 2019 from NYFW

spring 2019 color trends

Although we are still pining away for cooler temperatures so we can all wear our new fall clothing, the runways in New York are giving us the latest and greatest fashion for the spring 2019 season. Every season, color authority Pantone shows us the top colors designers ordered for dying the fabric they used in their newest collections.

Drum roll please. . . these are the hot new colors for spring 2019! Courtesy of Pantone! You can read the official report here.

The fall 2018 season has turned into a darker season then we expected. While designers showed vivid colors on their runways for fall and winter, store buyers opted for darker hues and filled shelves with an almost depressing array of color. Designers turned their nose up at this and are still showing brighter hues for the upcoming spring 2019 season. I love all the vivid colors in this report! Hopefully store buyers will get the hint and liven up store shelves next season with these beautiful hues!

My favorite colors from the spring 2019 color palette are “Princess Blue,” “Pink Peacock,” and “Sweet Lilac.” I feel like Sweet Lilac is the new Millennial Pink. Please raise your hand if you are sick of blush aka Millennial Pink?! My hand is waaaay up! I’m excited for more saturated versions of pink in the spring season!

Top neutral colors for spring 2019

Thank goodness there isn’t any black in this neutral color palette! While black is still walking down the spring runways in full force, it isn’t dominating the color palette like it ended up doing for fall. This spring, we can enjoy light neutrals such as “Soybean” and rich neutrals such as “Brown Granite.” I’m loving the earthy feel of those two colors and would love seeing them paired with the four fire hues shown above in the top 12 color report. Actually, I love brown with bright blue or pink too. It has a very early 1990s vibe which is still very relevant right now.

What do you think of the spring 2019 color report? Do you love or hate any of the colors? Which are your favorites?

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Photo below* “Princess Blue” in action on the Tadashi Shoji runway at New York Fashion Week for spring 2019.

Photo credit: ©IMAXtree

Tadashi Shoji spring 2019 nyfw

Top 10 colors for fall 2018 from New York Fashion Week

fall 2018 color trends new york fashion week

pictured: Top Ten Colors for fall 2018 from the fall/winter 2018/2019 runways at New York Fashion Week

photo courtesy of Pantone

New York Fashion Week is underway, and this means the hottest new trends for the fall/winter 2018/2019 season are being shown to us! Of course, my favorite trend to know about ahead of time are the trends in colors.

Pantone has released their seasonal color report today, showing us the top ten colors for the fall 2018 season, as well as the top five neutral or “classic” hues we need to be wearing in the fall 2018 season, and in winter 2019!

fall 2018 classic color palette

Top Five Classic Colors for fall/winter 2018/2019 from the New York Fashion Week runways.

Photo courtesy of Pantone

Of course, we knew we would see the color of 2018 in the color palette for the next cold weather season; Ultra Violet. In addition to lavender, and ultra violet, designers are showing both a fall yellow hue, and a bright, cherry yellow shade. Yellow has been emerging over the past couple of seasons as an important color in fashion; this means it is time to start adding this happy hue to our wardrobes! If you don’t like to wear yellow, try a handbag or a pair of shoes!

My favorite colors from the palette are Ultra Violet, Nebulas Blue, and Quetzal Green. Which colors are you drawn towards?

Is anyone else glad to see that blush has finally dropped off the color palette? It’s a pretty color, but seemed to stick around too long; in my opinion.

Stay tuned! I am in New York attending fashion week, and will bring you runway coverage as the week progresses.

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