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Betsey Johnson spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

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Photos: Cathy OBrien/Bay Area Fashionista

Betsey Johnson sent her spring/summer 2016 collection down the New York Fashion Week runway on September 11, 2015. This was no ordinary Betsey Johnson spring 2016 collection, this was her 50th anniversary celebration collection; which was beyond any other runway performance at fashion week.

Although my photos are not very good since I was sitting towards the back, you can see there was fun to be had on the runway. Betsey Johnson featured segments on her runway which celebrated themes from decades throughout her career. The models walked down the right side of the runway, then back up the left, then they stepped onto a platform runway which was placed in the middle of the regular runway; and they walked down that, then stood in line dancing! It was unlike any runway show I have seen thus far.

When all of the models were dancing on the raised runway at the end of each segment, Betsey Johnson told a poem which related to the decade theme of the segment. The themes were playful, saucy, and downright fun! Isn’t that what Betsey Johnson is all about? FUN!

Throughout the decades, Betsey Johnson played with prints, color, bold accessories, and silhouettes. The spring 2016 collection evoked the correct vibe for each decade, yet offered something fresh and modern on each piece. This made the collection ideal to wear, while feeling a little bit of historical significance with each piece. This fusion between modernity and historical fashion is hard to achieve, of course, Betsey achieved it effortlessly. Love it!

Of course, to close the show, in true Betsey Johnson style, she came down to the end of the runway surrounded in large silver balloons which read “50.” At the end of the runway, Betsey herself did one of her signature cartwheels which had the crowd standing, cheering, and clapping on their feet. I have never been at a fashion show where people stand and cheer like they are at football game before. It is amazing how Betsey Johnson knows how to bring the FUN into fashion. Which is what fashion is really about. It is wearable art which expresses who you are; so why not be fun!

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Video credit: FatalefashionIII (they have amazing videos, I recommend subscribing)