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Summer 2022 fitness routine

summer fitness

wearing: summer weight jacket / short sleeve blue top / leggings / summer nail polish / running shoes /

Summer is here, and just because school is out for summer, does not mean we can relax on our fitness schedule! Our bodies need to continue staying fit and healthy. So this summer, my fitness routine hasn’t changed much from the spring.

I am still dealing with a healing hip and plantar fasciitis. Therefore, I need to keep my fitness low impact and ensure it has core and hip strengthening exercises intertwined. In addition to strength, my routine incorporates enough cardio to help keep the forty pounds I lost last year-off! Thankfully I have been maintaining my new weight through exercise and staying away from sugar.

One of the reasons I am healthy is because I was able to get my BMI into a normal range. People knock BMI, but unless you are extremely muscular, BMI helps ensure your weight is in a healthy range. There are so many problems that can occur with an unhealthy weight. Weight can affect joints, heart health, cardiovascular health, and more. It is so important to stay healthy!

So, without further ado, here is my summer fitness routine:

Monday: BodyCombat (cardio)

Tuesday: Les Mills Core and yoga (strength, stretch)

Wednesday: Cycle class (cardio)

Thursday: Treadmill, weights, core (cardio and strength)

Friday: 30 min. walk

Saturday: hike, swim or walk

Sunday: hike, swim, or walk

That’s it! It’s a fun routine and incorporates outdoor exercise to take advantage of summer. What is your fitness routine this summer?

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Summer dress season

graduation dress ideas

wearing: white hat (old, also love this one) / sunglasses / floral dress / pink bucket bag / summer nail polish / wedge espadrilles /

Summer dress season is here, and outdoor events are happening quite frequently. It is so nice to have things back to normal; almost! The past month was jam-packed with events surrounding my kids and their two graduations, awards ceremonies, and end-of-year celebrations. This dress was the dressiest one I wore for those events, and it was very comfortable for an outside event in the hot sun, with no shade!

The fun part about outdoor events is that they are an excuse to pull out the hats from the top shelf of the closet! This hat has been in my wardrobe for close to a decade, and I absolutely adore it. I was thrilled to be able to wear it to my son’ graduation, where this photo was taken. His graduation was held outside in direct sun, at 4pm in the afternoon. Having a hat was essential, plus, there is something about a hat which makes an entire outfit look dressier. Love that!

Shop my summer dress outfit online:

Are you surviving summer dress season? If you still need a dress, I highly recommend this one! It is very comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Love!

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Summer 2022 capsule wardrobe

casual summer capsule wardrobe 2022
summer capsule wardrobe 2022 affordable dresses air jordans in stock

Casual capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top left: navy tie sleeve tee / military green joggers / gemstone bracelets (local designer) / military green cut-offs / large hoop earrings / goldtone ring / light blue puff sleeve tee / navy puff sleeve tee / denim shorts /

Summer dresses capsule wardrobe from top left: denim jacket (classic staple) / stripe dress (under $50) / gemstone bracelets (local designer) / large hoop earrings / blue dress (under $50) / Air Jordan sneakers / black handbag (IT bag under $300) /

Summer vacation has arrived! This means I needed to put my summer capsule wardrobe in order. This summer, we plan to stay casual as we have a lot of plans surrounding my daughter who heads to college in the fall. In order to be comfortable, my summer capsule wardrobe is casual, and can easily be worn with sneakers; a shoe style I am wearing a lot lately due to my injured foot.

Shorts and tee’s are summer staples, so I found a few tee’s which are slightly elevated with puff sleeves or tie sleeves. This way, I can stay casual without looking sloppy. Shorts are a must-have in the warm summer months, so these two pairs will serve me well! I always like to have pants in the summer too. Sometimes we get cool foggy days or mornings. Pants are perfect for the those days! These joggers are perfect because they move away from being everyday denim, yet offer just as much comfort as jeans. Love that!

This summer, people are dressing up a little bit more. After all, we are free from quarantine! So, in order to keep things casual and comfortable, yet not look like loungewear, I found this super comfortable dress priced under $50. I originally purchased it in blue, and I loved it so much, I bought two more! I now have it in black and stripes. It is really flattering, comfortable, and ideal for hot summer days. I plan to live in these dresses! LOVE! If you are looking for a fuss-free summer dress, this is the one!

Shop my summer 2022 capsule wardrobe online:

Casual dresses summer capsule wardrobe online:

Well, there you have it! My casual with a touch of glam summer capsule wardrobe. What are your style plans this summer?

Stay tuned for more summer coverage!

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