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Fall 2023 handbag trends

fall 2023 handbag trends

Fall 2023 handbag trends from top left: black shoulder bag / black lady bag / convertible shoulder bag / green woven mini bag / black adjustable strap bag / slouchy hobo bag / slouchy tote bag / structured hobo bag /

The fall 2023 handbag trends have arrived! While the runways offered many fun handbag styles for the fall and winter seasons, the streets are shying away from kitschy shapes, faux fur and fuzzy bags, as well as overly oversized totes and hobos. Instead, the streets remain slightly more understated and anonymous, as well as classic.

As interest rates rise, shoppers are tending to reach for timeless styles as opposed to one-season-wonders. This is helping to drive the trend towards eschewing trends. Instead, the fashionable set is favoring high quality handbags which are timeless and durable, i.e. high quality, sustainable and offer style longevity.

Therefore, we are eyeing five front runners for IT bag status from the current range of handbag trends. So, without further ado, here are the top five fall 2023 handbag trends to invest in and love well past the fall 2023 season. Love that!

The Anonymous Handbag: Groundbreaking right? You already knew this before you opened this article, so keep your head high and continue to rock your anonymous handbag for the rest of the year and beyond.

The Lady Bag: The top handle handbag is a tried and true classic, which could be why it is exploding this fall season. If you prefer two handles over one, you can rock that too! They are both relevant. Look for an investment style in a neutral or black hue. This is a handbag you will wear forever. Or, perhaps you already own one! If so, take it out of the archives and get it into rotation stat!

Slouchy bags/Hobo bags: The hobo bag is still going strong! You can continue to wear your structured or slouchy hobo bag. When looking at slouchy styles, look for thick and buttery leather which feels like it could melt in your hands. It’s all about high quality and longevity.

Shoulder bags: The classic shoulder bag continues to go strong! You can look at adjustable straps which can be worn cross body as well as embroidered straps, classic leather straps and chains. The chain strap is a classic and popular strap for the shoulder bag. Look for thinner chains, the chunky chain is over.

Slouchy tote bags: A structured tote is all well and good, but a slouchy and luscious tote is best. Look for high quality, butter-like leather in a large and slouchy tote. You can wear it to work, for travel, or anything! Totes are amazing and versatile. Go slouchy!

There you have it! The top five handbag trends for the fall 2023 season. Also, keep in mind the popular fall handbag colors are neutrals, black, shades of white, shades of green, shades of pink, and shades of red.

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What is your favorite trend in handbags for fall? I’m in love with slouchy bags and shoulder bags!

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