Fall 2021 handbag trends

Top 5 fall 2021 handbag trends

fall 2021 handbag trends

Fall 2021 handbag trends, my favorite bags for fall, from top left: YSL hobo / convertible handbag / Prada Cleo / puffy pouch clutch / pouch clutch with chain / cut-out tote (on my wish list!) / tweed satchel / suede handbag /

Handbags are hot right now! With fall on the horizon, everyone is investing in a new handbag, and the trends on the streets are slightly different than what trended on the runways for the fall 2021 season.

While giant, squishy handbags were all over the runways, consumers remembered how impractical the style was to carry, and have opted for the opposite handbag size. That’s right! You guessed it! Micro-mini handbags are back! Of course, that’s not all. . .

The fall 2021 season is giving us the return of a few handbag trends we love, as well as new looks to covet for the cool weather season. You can keep your pouches, especially if they have a chain. You can also keep any satchels you enjoy carrying, as well as practical totes. Those are all still relevant and important for fall.

Colorful bags you purchased in the spring or summer seasons are also still relevant. While the color palette for fall in the world of handbags is traditionally autumn, color is important in the overall world of fashion for fall, so having a bright color on your bag is perfectly acceptable.

Wondering which colors are hot for fall? Look for neutrals such as black, ivory, shades of brown, mustard, red, metallic, navy, light blue, yellow, green, and pink. Texture is also important this fall as designers are playing with suede, mixed leathers, fabric, nylon, and tweed. Also look for western touches such as fringe and studs. Fun!

Of course, where there are handbag trends, there are IT brands and designers to watch for. We all want to carry the correct brand on our arms! This fall 2021 season, look for anything made by Bottega Veneta, Coach, Mansur Gavriel, Prada, and YSL.

Now, without further ado, let’s chat about the top 5 fall handbag trends!

Chain Details

fall 2021 street style handbag chain trend

Chains are hot right now! We saw this trend blossom over the past year, and for fall 2021, it is exploding! Look for chain straps, and chains carefully placed for style points on handbags. You will find chains on every style of handbag, so have fun with this one! Bonus points if you find a bag with a removable chain, then you can still wear the bag when this trend fades. This is a fun trend, not an investment trend. Spend wisely.

1990s Influence: Hobos, Nylon, and Short Straps

fall 2021 handbag trends

Post-grunge handbags are all the rage right now! This trend has been rising over the past few years, and now, it is exploding! In addition to small bags with short straps, designers are going back to nylon bags and hobos. I have to admit, I never gave up my Nylon Prada from the late 1990s. It is a fabulous bag on rainy days. This is a practical trend I recommend investing in. Choose a nylon bag in a simple style and you will have an investment bag for years; perfect for looking fabulous when it rains outside! Love that!

Also be on the lookout for a fabulous hobo. Hobo’s are considered classic bags, and while they aren’t always on the forefront of fashion, they are always considered appropriate. A hobo is an investment bag, so look for a style you prefer. Are you a soft and slouchy gal? Look for a soft and slouchy bag that isn’t too large; that way nothing gets lost inside. Do you gravitate more towards structured bags such as satchels? Then a structured hobo is more up your alley. I am a structured gal myself. Love!

Micro-Mini Bags

valentino rockstud noir handbag

Remember the teeny, tiny handbags everyone was carrying roughly ten years ago? Yeah, they are back. The one pictured above is from a few years ago and fits more than a micro-mini bag. So think smaller.

Micro-mini bags are back, and the only thing they really fit is a couple of credit cards, and a key fob for your car. If you don’t need a place for your phone, then you’re good. If you are like me, this trend is hard to wear because the bags are soooooo small!

If you are concerned about staying on trend, just wear the smallest bag that works for you. There are plenty of other handbag trends which are more practical than this one. But, if you love minimalism with what you carry around, then this one might work for you. Challenge yourself to a micro-mini bag!

Puffer Bags

Your bag will never get cold with this trend! Puffy pillow bags have been lurking in the background for a few years, and this fall 2021 season, they have arrived! Designers love puffy bags which appear to have been blown up like pool floats.

Cut-Out Basket Bags

Cut-out basket bags are huge right now. The fall season has plenty of basket bags to covet. Look for laser cut leather, hand-cut leather, and more. Some designers are even continuing with a summer staple we know and love; straw bags! This is a fun trend which may last a year or two. Enjoy but don’t blow your budget on it.

Well, there you have it! The top 5 handbag trends of the fall 2021 season. Which trend is your favorite?

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I am loving the 1990s style handbags, and all of the chain details; those are my two favorite trends!

Stay tuned for more fall 2021 trends! Thanks for stopping by!



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