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Londontown Gel Genius base coat and top coat review

londontown gel genius collection review

pictured: base coat and top coat c/o Londontown; Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat / Londontown Gel Genius Base Coat /

One of the reasons I love Londontown is that their nail products are 9-free. They don’t contain harmful chemicals or ingredients. You can always relax knowing their products are safe to use, and won’t harm you. I let my daughters use their nail products too, knowing how safe they are to use!

This is why I am so excited about the Londontown Gel Genius collection! This suite of a base coat and top coat are the perfect pieces to the puzzle of the ideal manicure. They create a safe and strong base coat, while topping off the color with a strong gel that is long lasting, shiny, and safe to use. Love that!

Londontown Gel Genius Base Coat review

londontown gel genius base coat review

I love a strong, protective base coat! The Londontown Gel Genius Base Coat is strong and protects my nails from discoloration due to nail polish color dyes. Since Londontown is 9-free, I can rest assured that this base coat will not allow anything gross or harmful to seep into my nail bed, and thus seep into my bloodstream. It’s always important to have a safe base coat-no matter what type of nail polish you use!

Make sure your base coat is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Londontown’s Gel Genius base coat is just that; free from harmful chemicals and the ideal, safe base for your manicure! If you can only get one thing from the Gel Genius collection, this Gel Genius base coat by Londontown is the must-have!

Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat review

londontown gel genius top coat review

The Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat is a high-gloss top coat which extends the life of your manicure. It has a strong, gel durability which makes your manicure last a long, long time. Londontown’s Gel Genius Top Coat doesn’t require any soaking; it has a quick dry formula. Love that!

One of my favorite things about Londontown nail polishes, is that they are vegan, gluten free, cruelty-free, and paraben free. Love!

Londontown Gel Genius manicure

londontown gel genius manicure example reviewlondontown skyline reflect nail polish review

This is my complete manicure using Londotown Gel Genius Base Coat, Londontown Skylight Reflect nail polish, and Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat. I love the strong protection from the Gel Genius collection, and this color is fabulous for the fall and winter seasons!

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