Fall 2018 handbag trends: anytime sequins

fall 2018 handbag trends anytime sequins

Fall 2018 handbag trends anytime sequins from top left: seafoam top handle satchel / silver fanny pack (aka belt bag) / camo cross body bag with guitar strap / sequin heart white tote bag / striped hobo bag / Miu Miu logo tote bag /

Fall is upon us! If you haven’t thought about a fall handbag yet, now is the time! While black handbags, lady bags, and logo bags are still going strong this fall season, another new trend in the handbag world has emerged; the anytime sequin bag.

Sequin handbags are a classic evening bag look. They normally are found on small handbags we carry to semi-formal and formal events. While daytime sequins have been a recent trend on items such as jackets, skirts, and tops, the fall 2018 season is making sequins as common as cotton. Get ready to sparkle and shine!

The fall 2018 handbag trends are bringing us two extremes; classic black bags and understated lady bags, as well as “look at me” styles such as logo bags and sequin bags. There really isn’t anything in between. This season, you need to decide; will you be a classic fashionista, or street style paparazzi bait?

For the fall 2018 season, the sequin handbag trend is taking us to new heights. You can pair a sequin fanny pack with jeans and a tee on casual days to up your game, or you can toss a large sequin tote over your shoulder stuffed with your kids necessities when you head to the park. Sequin handbags for fall 2018, you can be fabulous at the supermarket, or out on the town! Love that!

You will find sequins on everything that is hot in handbags for fall 2018 such as fanny packs, lady bags, black bags, and classic flap shoulder bags. If you want to add sass to your casual look, just add a sequin bag!

Sequins are not limited to fall 2018 handbags, you will find sequins this season on everything from daytime shoes to blazers, to skirts, to every type of clothing imaginable. This sparkling accent can be worn to brunch, lunch, dinner, or for formal affairs. Sequins are everywhere, at any time of the day. Get ready to sparkle!

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What do you think of sequin handbags for the fall 2018 season? Is this a trend you will be wearing? Do you think this trend will last for several seasons and grow? Or do you think this is one season thing?

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