Logo bags for 2018

from top left: Burberry tote / Gucci handbag / Burberry satchel / Balmain bag / Balenciaga backpack / Tom Form tote /

Well, it appears that logo bags are here to stay; at least for now. I thought the logo bag trend was fleeting, but designers seem to be loving it and showcasing various logo designs in future collections. So, at least for 2018, the logo bag is here to stay.

There are several ways to wear the logo bag trend. You can go with a traditional “CC” on a Chanel bag or “GG” on a Gucci bag, or you can go the very trendy route and opt for the entire designer’s name written on the bag. As you can see in the examples above, designers are making sure their names are the focal point of their bags.

The trendy logo bags we are seeing for 2018 tend to be more casual then the traditional small logos displayed on a bag’s clasp. This makes the current crop of logo bags easy to wear everyday and on the weekends. If you are looking for something fun to wear everyday, and don’t mind a one to two season bag, then a logo bag might be your thing!

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What do you think of the logo bag trend? Will you be wearing it this year?

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