Late summer comfort

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wearing: bold earrings (on sale!) / lipstick / black and silver watchblack tee / three tier convertible necklace (wearing third tier alone) / sparkling lilac nail polish / black handbag / stripe wide leg pants (under $30) / black wedge espadrilles /

This is the time of year when I wish I could wear all the new fall styles, but the weather is hot enough to fry an egg on the ground! I always look for styles in late summer which feature fall colors or trends, yet offer a lightweight, comfortable fabric for the hot weather. These pants fit the bill!

I was thrilled to find these black, tan, and white striped pants priced under $30. The have an elastic waist which easily slips on and off; so if you are bloated from the heat, the pants will forgive you! haha They feature two pockets, and a fashion-forward hemline featuring the stripes horizontal against the vertical pattern. Love that!

These pants pair nicely with a comfy, cotton tee and summer shoes such as flip flops or espadrilles. Since they feature fall colors, it will be easy to wear these pants throughout the end of summer, and well into the fall season when the temperatures are still soaring.

I would also like to give this necklace a shout-out. It is convertible and can be worn nine different ways. I am wearing the long strand alone, but you can see the whole thing here when I wore it in Seattle last month during our family vacation. I find myself wearing it differently every day. It is such a great piece to own!

Are you wishing you could wear all the new fall styles right now, but the weather is preventing it? I really do! I also wish the weather would cool down! Ugh, two more months for that!

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