Chanel Bleu Trompeur nail polish review

Chanel bleu trompeur nail polish spring 2018

pictured: Chanel Bleu Trompeur nail polish / late spring 2018 nail polish release

Well, you know, I’m a sucker for anything blue! Chanel released four spring 2018 nail polish colors mid-season, and this new blue one caught my eye. It’s a light navy color, which fits perfectly into spring’s classic color palette.

Over the years, Chanel has released plenty of versions of navy blue nail polish. This isn’t a ground-breaking, or earth-shattering, color; but it is a really pretty navy blue. It isn’t a super dark navy, like Chanel typically releases in the fall season. Bleu Trompeur nail polish is a medium navy blue, which is lighter then other navy colors in Chanel’s nail polish line.

I tested out Chanel Bleu Trompeur nail polish for spring 2018 with one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. I have found that Chanel nail polish doesn’t really need a top coat anymore; since the release of their longwear collection a few years ago. Like with other Chanel colors, Bleu Trompeur is long lasting, and gave me a week before chipping. Love that!

If you are looking for a neutral yet non-conservative nail color this spring 2018 season, then Chanel Bleu Trompeur nail polish is for you! Navy is an easy color to wear with all color groups from the spring palette. Since Blue Trompeur isn’t a classic pink or red hue-yet it still acts like a neutral color while it gives off a playful, avant-garde vibe; which is a great way to to be neutral, without wearing a neutral. Love it!

You can find Chanel Bleu Trompeur nail polish for spring 2018 online here.

What do you think of this color for spring? Will you be rocking it? Or do you prefer more of a classic hue such as pink or red?

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