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Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish review for spring 2018

chanel violet piquant spring 2018 nail polish purple

pictured: Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish for the spring 2018 season

Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish is a late spring release from Chanel for the warm weather season. Often referred to as “Act II” from Chanel, four new nail polish colors have been released for spring 2018; and this is my favorite color from the bunch!

As you know, purple or “Ultra Violet” is the color of 2018. So, to see Chanel release a fabulous violet version of their own for spring has me spinning with delight! I love purple; and I love Chanel nail polish, so this is the dream nail color of the century for me! Love!

Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish is a dark, violet hue which could easily be mistaken for a fall nail color. If you want to rock the color of the year on your nails for the duration of 2018, this is the color to wear! It is dark, almost-vampy, and a beautiful violet hue.

I tested out Chanel Violet Piquant with one base coat, and two coats of colors. I did not use a top coat. As with most Chanel nail polishes, it is long lasting and offers beautiful color saturation. Since the polish is dark, the second coat needs to be carefully applied in order to prevent streaking. I did need to do a third coat on two nails which were not covered enough. Even with three coats, those two nails did not bumble or look thick. It looks just as chic with three coats as with two. Love this polish!

You can find Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish for spring 2018 online here. To see the main spring 2018 nail polish collection from Chanel, check out my review here.

What do you think of Chanel Violet Piquant nail polish for the spring 2018 season? Is this a color you would like to wear for the entire year as a nod to :Ultra Violet?”

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