Mini bags for spring 2017

From top left: Gucci Marmont Camera bag (huge IT bag under $1000) / brown suede bag (under $500) / YSL mini bag (under $1000) / white bracelet bag (IT bag of spring 2017) / black mini tote (under $1000) / white tassel bag (faux leather under $60) / striped box bag (under $300) / black box bag (splurge and it’s fabulous!)

You might be wondering, “Did I read that right? Mini-bags for spring 2017?” Yup! You read that correctly. Mini bags didn’t actually go anywhere, they are still here and hot for spring 2017.

The runways for spring 2017 told a different story for spring. Designers opted for medium sized bags, small trunk bags, and duffel bags. While the mini bag did grace the runways, it did not dominant the runways like the more practical, medium handbag did. It was most popular on the Paris runways, and when Paris speaks, store buyers listen, and consumers covet. So, we have the mini-bag for spring 2017 as the hottest handbag trend of the season. Just like that!

It is possible you already own a fabulous mini-bag; after all, this is not a new trend. In fact, there is nothing “groundbreaking” about it. Chances are, you have more then one mini-bag in your closet. If so, then you are all set! If not, then now is the time to add at least one mini-bag to your handbag collection.

While mini-bags are not practical for everyday use by those of us with children, they do come in handy for a girl’s night out, date night, or to keep in a work tote for lunch break. No-one wants to lug around their work tote during lunch break. A mini-bag can be pulled out of a bulky tote and offer a nice, light load while on break. Love that!

Since another hot trend for spring 2017 happens to be neutrals, this makes shopping for a mini-bag simple. Look for a mini-bag in a neutral tone you know you will wear often. Personally, I reach for black first, but a nice caramel, light beige, grey, or white will also work well for the warm weather season.

If you are seeking the IT bag of the mini-bag world, then this cute little number by Chloe is the bag you want. If IT does not suit your fancy, here are a few more fabulous handbags of the mini variety which are perfect for spring 2017:

Mini bags for spring 2017:

Camera bags for spring 2017 (also a hot trend, and they are mini too):

Which mini-bag is your favorite? What are your thoughts on this trend for spring?

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