Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag review

mansur gavriel small circle bag

mansur gavriel circle bagmansur gavriel circle bagmansur gavriel circle bagmansur gavriel circle bagmansur gavriel small circle bag

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The new Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag is a fresh take on the emerging box satchel trend. As satchels become more, and more structured, we are seeing box bags emerge as the ultimate in structured handbags. Thankfully, Mansur Gavriel always thinks outside of the box, and ahead of the curve. The circle bag is the most groundbreaking handbag silhouette to hit the market, and the street.

The circle bag takes it’s inspiration from the popular hat boxes of the mid-1900’s. This vintage style has sat dormant in the handbag world for several decades, resurrected, and modernized, only by Mansur Gavriel. Of course! Who else can take a classic design, add a small modern twist, and launch a handbag into iconic handbag status? No-one else-that’s who!

When I first laid eyes on Mansur Gavriel’s collection of circle bags, I fell in love. They are simple, and minimalist, yet completely different from your everyday handbag. I love the vintage vibe, and original styling.

The Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag comes in two sizes; large and small. I chose the small size since I felt like the large size would overwhelm my 5’4″ frame. I am happy I chose small, because it is quite roomy! The small circle bag holds my sunglasses case, wallet, keys, lipstick, phone, portable charger, and there is still plenty of room left over for whatever random items my kids may ask me to hold; all the moms out there know what I am talking about!

The handle on Mansur Gavriel’s circle bag is structured, yet feels soft, and comfortable; whether being hand-held, or draped over the forearm. This handbag does not have a detachable shoulder strap, so when you wear it, you need to be ready to always hold your handbag, or drape it on your forearm.

The small circle bag has a canvas interior lining. The larger version, offers a suede interior. I was surprised the interiors on the two sizes are different. I have to admit, I wish mine had suede interior. Suede interiors always feel more luxurious. That being said, the canvas is extremely durable, and high quality. I am happy with it nonetheless.

Inside the circle bag, there are two identical pockets. The pockets are slim, perfect for an iPhone, receipts, and a charging cord. They are not wide enough for lipstick, or keys. I just let my lipstick, and my keys, float within the roomy interior of the bag. It is easy to find things inside the handbag since you have to lay the bag down on its back to open it. This allows a full view of everything inside the bag. No lost keys! Love that!

The handbag is very easy to open and close. Mansur Gavriel’s Circle Bag needs to be paid down on its back when being opened, or closed. There are two zippers which can be used as you choose. The zippers are extremely smooth, and durable.

I would not classify the Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag as an everyday bag. I see it as a great bag for occasions; both casual and dressy. I find it practical for activities such as meetings, (when I don’t need my laptop), church, eating out (fits nicely on your lap underneath a napkin), the theater, etc. I would not recommend it for attending your child’s baseball game, the supermarket, or an amusement park.

All in all, I rate the Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag five out of five stars. I am in love!

You can find the new Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag online here, here, and here. More choices below.

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