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Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii nail polish collection I spring 2016

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Pictured: Christian Lououtin Hawaii Kawaii spring 2016 nail polish coffret collection I / swatch: Batignolles nail polish for spring 2016

Christian Louboutin has not one, but two nail polish collections for the spring 2016 season. The Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii collection features two separate coffret’s; Collection I and Collection II.  I decided to go with the Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Collection I nail polish coffret for spring 2016 since it contained a fabulous bluish-green nail polish hue named Batignolles.

If you have been following along, you may have noticed I love Christian Louboutin nail polish after it is applied. I find the brushes to be too thin to paint with; it makes nail polish application awkward. After a few tries, I figured out how to use the brushes, and have found it worth the effort to use the thin brush since they result in beautiful nails. Since the special edition coffrets contain mini nail polish bottles instead of full size bottles, the brushes are even smaller! Ugh!

Don’t get me wrong, despite my annoyance with the thin applicator brush, I love how long lasting Christian Louboutin’s nail polishes are. I also love the color saturation! For spring 2016, Christian Louboutin has delivered on his two nail polish coffrets, giving nail polish fans the ultimate in color saturation, playful hues, and that Hawaiian vacation feeling! Love!

The Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Collection I nail polish coffret for spring 2016 offers three fabulous hues which instantly transport you to the beautiful Island of Kawaii. The coffret includes “Very Prive,” which is a dark, yet vibrant red nail polish hue that is sure to turn up the heat on warm spring nights, and summer days! The blue-green shade, which is my favorite, is “Batignolles.” The third nail polish color is “Miss Loubi” which is a very bright coral pink that would pair well with a pair of Pigalles.

Miss Loubi and Batignolles are definitely my favorite colors from Collection I. The pink in Collection II is too bright for my liking and I am not really a fan of black nail polish in the spring. I feel like Collection I is the perfect coffret for the season.

So far I have only tested out Batignolles, and it stands up to Christian Louboutin’s name! The nail polish is long lasting, and downright fabulous! I am looking forward to wearing this hue often in both the spring, and summer seasons. I am also looking forward to wearing Miss Loubi on warm days. It is such a fun coral hue! I feel like it will be perfect in the summer for beach days, warm evening parties, and general fun in the sun!

The Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Collection I can be found online here. The Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Collection II can be found online here and here.

Christian Louboutin’s Hawaii inspired spring collection: