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Floral moto jacket for spring

floral moto jacket for spring givenchy and floral blazer floral moto jacket for spring express floral jacket

Pictured: Earrings: Kendra Scott / Sunglasses: Chanel / Lipstick: Chanel Mighty / Jacket: Express / Skirt: Express / Handbag: Givenchy / Ring: Kendra Scott / Nail Polish: Dior Bleuette / Booties: Sam Edelman

Floral blazers and floral moto jackets are all the rage for spring 2016. While florals aren’t groundbreaking for spring, floral blazers, and floral moto jackets, are a fresh take on the otherwise timeless spring trend.

Since I am not much of a floral pattern person, I usually bypass floral dresses, skirts, and the like every spring season. For spring 2016, floral blazers, and floral moto jackets, caught my eye and I actually could see myself wearing them!

Out of the two styles, I decided to go with a floral moto jacket, as it seemed a bit edgier, and more “me.” I love this floral moto jacket since it offers a bold floral pattern which is spaced out; I don’t like crowed florals. I also love the black background.

Of course, finding the perfect floral moto jacket for spring at Express was a godsend! Who doesn’t love their prices?! In addition to a fabulous pattern, and great price, the jacket is comfortable! Sounds too good to be true, but it is! How often is a form fitting jacket comfy? This jacket fits like a glove, and the fabric has give; allowing me to reach up for things, and go about my day without feeling constricted or fussy. Love that!

I paired my new floral moto jacket for spring with a long, black skirt for church recently. I like how it gives the jacket a conservative look. For an edgier look, this moto jacket looks fabulous with faux leather legging, black jeans, blue jeans, and if you have the legs, a short skirt! (I don’t have the legs haha)

My beautiful nine-year-old daughter fell in love with this jacket the moment she laid eyes on it, so when I wanted to snap a few pictures before we left the house, she wanted to be the photographer. I think she did a pretty good job!

If you love this floral moto jacket for spring as much as I do, you can snap it up online here.

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