Chanel Singuliere nail polish review

chanel singuliere nail polish winter 2015

Pictured: Chanel Singuliere nail polish for winter 2016.

Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a winter 2016 release from Chanel. Although it is considered a winter hue, the purplish-pink red is perfect as a light red alternative to Vamp nail polish for the holiday season.

Singuliere by Chanel is a cream nail polish which offers a slightly purplish-pink tinge to an otherwise slightly medium-dark red. If Chanel Vamp is too dark for you this winter or holiday season, then Chanel Singuliere nail polish is the hue for you!

I tested out Chanel Singuliere nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The nail polish is strong, possibly due to this fabulous top coat, and lasted a full week before my nails grew, and I needed to take it off. Love that!

Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a great nail colour to have in one’s nail polish wardrobe. It is a classic red hue which can easily be worn during any season. It is ideal if you want a red polish which is not too bright. The purplish-pink undertones make this a feminine, yet sophisticated red, which is easy to wear.

If you have a nail polish fan on your holiday gift list, this is the perfect nail polish to give. Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a classic red with a twist, which means your nail polish fan probably doesn’t have this hue in her collection. Plus, since it is a classic color, it is safe to say she will love it 🙂

Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a limited edition nail polish hue for the winter season. The nail polish can be found online here, and here.

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