Capes for fall 2015

Jacket and coat alternative for fall 2015 by Bay Area Fashionista

From left: Pink cape / Black cape / Tan Ruana (I bought this for fall and love it! Under $100!!!) / Grey Wrap / Black Work Appropriate Cape

Fall is almost here, this means it is time to think about how to stay warm! Capes, wraps, shawls, and ruana’s are a few of fall 2015’s hottest ways to keep cozy instead of wearing a traditional jacket or coat. Love this trend!

With the 1970’s trend in full swing this autumn, capes, wraps, shawls, and ruana’s are the perfect way to achieve the ultimate 70’s silhouette while staying warm. Love that!

They are also fabulous when fall hands us in-between weather. Sometimes autumn days can be cold enough to wrap up, but not cold enough for a wool jacket or coat. Capes, shawls, wraps, and ruana’s are perfect for those days! They are also fabulous for when the fog rolls in 😉

I love wearing a cape, shawl, wrap, or ruana on a mild, fall day. They are the perfect way to keep warm when the weather hovers in the 50’s through low 70’s on autumn days. 

This fall, I am excited to wear my new ruana. This ruana is lightweight, yet cozy. It will be perfect to throw over jeans, casual skirts, and casual slim dresses this fall; especially when the fog rolls in!

A cape would be perfect this fall for dressier days. I am in love with this rain cape by Maxstudio, and also this classic black cape by Classiques Entier. I would also love to add this casual black cape by Topshop to my fall wardrobe. It is under $100!

I found a few fabulous capes, shawls, wraps, and ruana’s around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, stay warm, and stay fabulous 😉

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