LaVanila Vanilla Coconut EDP review

lavanilla coconut fragrance summer perfume lavanilla coconut vanilla review

Pictured: LaVanila Coconut Vanilla eau de parfum

Two of my favorite fragrance notes of all time are vanilla and coconut. I love vanilla in fragrance during all four seasons of the year. I love the sweet scent, and the warm, cozy vibe vanilla gives off. Another favorite note of mine is coconut. I love coconut during the summer. I associate coconut with an exotic beach, relaxation, pool parties; and everything fabulous about the summer season. This is why I HAD to get my hands on LaVanila Vanilla Coconut eau de parfum.

LaVanila Vanilla Coconut EDP is a dream come true. This sweet scent is ideal for summer. Not only does it offer the warm fragrance of cozy vanilla, it has the coconut scent which is ubiquitous with summer. Love that!

LaVanila fragrances are simple scents. They offer a vanilla heart mixed with one other dominant note. Vanilla Coconut is no different. The notes LaVanila combined to create Vanilla Coconut are:

Notes: Creamy Coconut, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Madagascar Vanilla.

This combination creates a long lasting, vanilla-coconut combination which is easy to wear on a daily basis during the hot summer months. Perfection!

There are many reasons, besides a fabulous scent, to love LaVanila. They happen to create healthy fragrances which infuse organic sugar cane alcohol, botanicals, and antioxidants. Since fragrance is absorbed into the skin, this is huge! After all, who wants strange chemicals getting absorbed into your skin! Ew!

I have found myself wearing LaVanila Vanilla Coconut EDP almost everyday! It is perfect for hot weather, and all of the summer activities which go along with it! I definitely want to test out more from LaVanila.

I rate LaVanila Vanilla Coconut edp five out of five stars!

You can find LaVanila Vanilla Coconut eau de parfum online here.

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  • Ariel G.

    LaVanilla is one of my favorite perfumes. I haven’t tried coconut yet, I will have to test it out too,

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