Charlotte Ronson fall 2015 New York Fashion Week

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Photos: Cathy O’Brien/Bay Area Fashionista 2015©

Charlotte Ronson threw a party, er, I mean, presentation, of her fall 2015 collection on Friday, February 13, 2015 at The Pavillion at Lincoln Center. The club-like vibe of the runway loop, er, show, er, presentation, showcased a serene collection which was urban, young, and feminine. 

Normally when you see a presentation at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, the models are standing on platforms while guests walk from platform to platform; much like you would slowly wander and stop at a museum. Instead of doing the usual presentation format, Charlotte Ronson broke the “rules” and created a hybrid between a runway show and a presentation. The runway was short and there were no seats. Everyone crowded around a rectangular barrier; only photographers were allowed at the end of the make-shift runway. The show went in a loop, so if someone was standing in front of you, blocking your view, you did not have to fret, the runway show continuously repeated itself for roughly ninety minutes. It was brilliant!

In the background, Samantha Ronson DJ-ed the show and kept a cool, party vibe in the room. If you looked across the runway from where you were standing, you could spot celebrities such as EJ Johnson, son of Magic Johnson and star of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” The environment was cool and hip, setting exactly the right setting for a hip, urban collection. Loved it!

Charlotte Ronson’s fall / winter 2015 collection was inspired by the “serenity of nature coupled with an abstract urban setting.” The collection featured late 1960’s inspiration, delicate details, feminine materials, clean lines, soft texture, and a soft color palette. My two favorite pieces from the collection were the purple trench coat, and the burgundy high neck lace dress. Love!

To shop Charlotte Ronson’s current collection, please click here.

To view the entire collection, please view the IMG Fashion video below.

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