Perforated leather for spring 2015

perforated leather spring 2015 jacket shoes handbags

Pictured: Jacket / Clutch / Sandals / Sneakers

Perforated leather has a been a runway trend for the past few seasons. As some designers channel 1980’s and early 1990’s looks, perforated leather has made appearance on runways in New York, Milan, Paris and London. For spring 2015, designers have taken the trend and moved forward with it as trend setters on the street have demanded more of the retro style.

Perforated leather gives off a very 1980’s Pop vibe when shown on skirts, jackets, vests, pants and shirts. When shown on handbags and shoes, perforated leather offers a fresh and modern take on warm weather fashion. Although clothing and accessories in perforated leather come from the same designer’s studios, they offer different vibe’s. 

When wearing perforated leather this spring season, pick one perforated piece and style your look around it. If you wear two or more perforated pieces at the same time, it will be a fashion fail. Don’t want that do we!!! Yikes!

Which vibe are you? Are you into the 1908’s Pop look or are you going for more of a fresh and modern look this upcoming spring 2015 season? When you answer that question, you will know which type of perforated leather piece to shop for this spring season. Personally, I already did the 1980’s Pop look in the 1980’s, so I will be going for a more modern look with perforated shoes. I just need to choose the perfect pair!

I found a few fabulous perforated leather pieces around the web for spring 2015. These pieces are beautiful and perfectly on-trend for spring. I hope you love them!

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  • Ariel G.

    I love perforated leather on shoes in the summer. It is a nice way to stay cool. I don’t think I can rock one of those jackets tho.

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