Piper’s Perfumery review

Pipers Perfumery

Pictured: c/o Piper’s Perfumery, “Sheer Blue and “Eye Candy”

Piper’s Perfumery is a new fragrance line which just launched in September 2014. Piper’s Perfumery collection of fragrance mists offer both a whimsical and romantic fragrance experience perfect for the fall 2014 season. Inspired by the “girl-next-door” who is easy-going and carefree, Piper’s Perfumery fragrance mists are lighthearted and easy to wear everyday.

“Sheer Blue” by Piper’s Perfumery is a fresh, citrus fragrance which is perfect for the moderate to warm weather we are experiencing this fall season. In addition to the citrus top, “Sheer Blue” offers a citrus floral fragrance experience with a slightly warm base; perfect for when the evening fog rolls in over the mountains. I adore the fresh yet warm fragrance experience “Sheer Blue” by Piper’s Perfumery offers for a daily fragrance this autumn season.

Top Notes: Crisp Apple, Bright Bergamot, Lemon Zest

Middle Notes: Bluebell, Sheer Jasmine, delicate Rose

Base Notes: White Amber, Blonde Woods, Musk

“Eye Candy” is a sweet, inviting scent which is just as irresistible as your favorite jelly beans or ice cream. This fruity gourmand fragrance is ideal for moderate to cool weather and will take you from fall into winter and back into spring with ease.

As a gourmand fan, I love the candy sweet scent which is smooth, without being sticky.

Top Notes: Sweet Strawberry, Raspberry

Middle Notes: Pink Macaroon, Sugar Cane, Cotton Candy

Base Notes: Whipped Vanilla Bean

Piper’s Perfumery fragrance mists are easy to wear daily and can be applied lightly with once spray, or heavier with multiple sprays; allowing you to experience the fragrance with the depth you prefer. In addition to “Sheer Blue and “Eye Candy,” Piper’s Perfumery also offers five additional scent which are “Sea Salt & Rosewater,” “Naughty & Nice,” “Delicate French Vanilla,” “Love Spark” and “Moroccan Dream.” I am looking forward to testing out these additional scents!

Piper’s Perfumery fragrance mists can be found at Walmart Stores. To learn more about Piper’s Perfumery, please “like” them on Facebook.

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