Agraria AirEssence Diffuser home fragrance in Mediterranean Jasmine review

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Pictured: Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine AirEssence Diffuser c/o Agraria

Agraria AirEssence Diffuser is a beautiful way to integrate home fragrance into ones’ home. I am a huge fan of home fragrance. I love candles, Scentsy burners; anything which will make my home smell fabulous. The biggest challenge I find with many home fragrances on the market is that they do not look pretty and sometimes smell artificial. 

I was so excited when I received my Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine AirEssence Diffuser in the mail. Not only was the packaging beautiful, the diffuser itself was sophisticated, pretty and in my favorite color; blue! Love it! 

I decided to place my Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine AirEssence Diffuser in my living room by the fireplace. Our fireplace is large and our furniture is set around the fireplace; so it is definitely the centerpiece of the room. I love the vivid blue hue of the Mediterranean Jasmine oil and it looks pretty against the black and white of my fireplace. The white flowers are also gorgeous and their white hue help tie the diffuser into the color scheme of the fireplace mantel.

The Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine AirEssence Diffuser, once assembled, takes twenty-four hours to fully diffuse. The flowers actually soak in the oil from the vase and turn a very pale blue. From the flowers, the scent diffuses throughout the room, The jasmine scent is not too strong and leaves a beautiful, light fragrant scent throughout the room. My living room smells fresh and floral; exactly the way I love it!

Agraria has a beautiful selection of AirEssence Diffusers which include Balsam and Bitter Orange; two fragrances I would like to try out for my home. Agraria also has a collection of petite diffusers, soaps, potpourri and candles. I am looking forward to trying out these others products by Agraria; especially the candles!

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