Nubar 24K nail lacquer review

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Pictured: Nail Polish: Nubar “24K” nail lacquer c/o Malan Breton at New York Fashion Week

When I attended the Malan Breton spring/summer 2015 fashion show at New York Fashion Week, the designer gave out swag bags filled with goodies compliments of the Taiwan Government. One of those goodies was three bottles of nail polish from Nubar in traditional Chinese colors. The colors also complimented Malan Breton’s runway collection which you can view here. I had never heard of Nubar nail polish before, so I was excited to see it was both natural and vegan. As soon as I received Nubar’s nail polish, I took off my nail polish and painted my nails with this beautiful gold nail polish by Nubar; 24K. 

24K nail lacquer by Nubar is a rich gold nail polish which is eye catching and transcends seasons. The gold hue is a neutral metallic which plays well with any color palette and can easily be worn with silver or white metal jewelry. Love that! Nubar 24K  nail lacquer was also very strong. The nail polish stayed on my fingers for eight days without chipping. Love that!

I am excited to have been introduced to Nubar nail lacquer. The nail polish does not have a strong scent and applies evenly. It stays on for a week without chipping and is made from all-natural products. Plus, it is cruelty-free and vegan! Who could ask for more?

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