Handbag trends 2014: the inside-out handbag


Photo: Mansur Gavriel red and black drawstring bucket bag. Online here and here. Tote version online here.

A few seasons ago, Saint Laurent and Valentino introduced reversible tote bags. These beautiful handbags reminded us of high-quality garments which look just as amazing inside as they do on the outside.  There is nothing like looking inside of a handbag and seeing just as much beauty inside as outside.

This brings us to the current trend in handbags which is exemplified by the current “IT” bag by Mansur Gavriel. Instead of a reversible handbag, Mansur Gavriel stayed true to the fashion industry mantra of making a piece beautiful inside and out. In doing this, they created a line of tote bags and drawstring bucket bags which have fabulous colors inside, and finished seams inside, without fabric lining. The color on the inside of the handbag peeks out from the top of the bag creating additional interest in the piece from casual onlookers, while keeping the handbag owners’ interest. Love that!

Mansur Gavriel’s popularity did not go unnoticed in the fashion industry. Aside from becoming the most sought-after handbag of the decade, which is next to impossible to get your hands on, iconic designers such as Prada have followed suit and created bi-color handbags for the summer 2014 season; and into the fall 2014 season.

That’s right! Mansur Gavriel’s drawstring bucket made a quiet trend explode; a trend which goes beyond the drawstring bucket bag silhouette. This new trend offers one color on the inside and another color on the outside. They have reinvented the basic black or tan handbag; giving handbag fans everywhere something fresh to cheer about!

As we move from spring 2014, into the hot summer months, and the new fall season, be on the lookout for more designers and brands creating bi-color handbags which offer inside-out interest. This is the beginning of the trend . . .

Bi-color handbags from around the web:

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