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Eco Chic products for Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! Today is the perfect day to think about how you can do your part to make the world a better place. We only have one Earth, and once it is damaged, where will we be? It is our job now to preserve the Earth for our future generations. How do we do this? 

Reduce the amount of waste you throw away. Household items and clothing which are not used anymore can be sold or donated to charity. Broken household items can be repaired or used for parts. Anything which is not usable might be recyclable! When in doubt, call or visit your recycling center to find out if an item can be recycled before throwing it in the trash and filling up our landfills.

Reuse old items by repairing them, trading with a friend, selling them or donating them. Everything has a use! Torn or damaged clothing can easily be used as rags for cleaning the house or washing the car. If you have kids, they can be made into doll clothing! My daughter made backpacks for all of her dolls with old fabric from damaging clothing. Think of the imaginative possibilities!

Recycle plastics, metals, paper and more. Always check with your local recycling center when in doubt!

Lastly, shop for items made from sustainable materials and/or made in eco-conscious factories. The Earth gives us life, we need to preserve its’ life.