Top trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for fall/winter 2014/2015

The last model has walked off the runway in New York and now the fashion world is left with many new trends to think about for the fall/winter 2014/2015 season. 

Here are the top trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for the fall/winter 2014/2015 season:



Hats: Felt hats were everywhere on the runways for fall 2014. Look for dark colors and classic black.

Pointed toe shoes: The pointed toe, whether flat soled or platform, dominated the New York catwalks.

Booties: Booties are the new boots. Look for boot shafts around the ankle both solid and strappy.

Satchels: Once again the classic satchel reigned supreme on the runways of New York. Look for single top handle satchels, medium to small sizes and structure.


Color Trends:

Blue and purple prints: Fall 2014 is all about wearing blue and purple together.

 Blue: Every shade of blue graced the catwalks in New York. Look for mostly medium to dark blues with a splash of pastel blue.

Classic red: Nothing says fall 2014 like classic red. Look for it on everything from gowns to coats to shoes to handbags.

Pastels: Pastel hues are traveling from spring 2014 into fall 2014. Look for mixed pastel hues paired with soft grays.

Silver: Silver is the metallic hue of the season! While gold touches were found on the fall 2014 runways, they were overshadowed by silver. Look for silver touches, sequins and accessories.

Soft ivory: Ivory with gold and ivory by itself dominated the runways for fall 2014 in New York. Ivory is the new black!

All black: OK, so nothing can replace black. Look for all black ensembles with an occasional pop of color through one accessory for fall 2014.



Asymmetrical hemlines: They’re baaa-aaack! Look for asymmetrical hemlines which hit below the knee on full skirts and flowing skirts.

Full skirts-knee length: The full skirt is back. Look for feminine full skirts paired with body conscious tops; as well as dresses with full skirts. The skirts hit at or just below the knee. Think poodle skirts sans the poodle.

Pencil skirts: va-va-voom! Pencil skirts are still hot for fall 2014! Look for classic styles, prints, mixed fabrications (blocked) and sequins. Must be worn with killer high heels and soft fabrics on top; i.e silk, wool or faux fur.

Shoulderless or dropped shoulder coats: Seams need not apply at the shoulder area for fall 2014. Look for coats and jackets without structured shoulders and seams which drop far below the actual shoulder. The dropped shoulder is back.


Beauty trends:

High or low ponytails: A clean classic ‘do, the sleek ponytail is back worn high on the head or low at neck. Werk!

Dark lips: The dark lip is back. Look for deep red hues.

Natural face: A clean, “you’re wearing make-up but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing make-up” look is hot for fall 2014. If dark lips are not your thing, THIS is your thing. Look for natural lips, barely there eye-make-up and bare nails.

Nail art using black: Nail art is back for fall 2014 and it must incorporate black.

Bare nails: If nail art is not your style, the bare nail is back. Look for clear nail polish and pale, oh-so-pale pinks.

There you have it! The hottest trends from the runways in New York for fall 2014. Until next time. . .

All photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2014©

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