Bracha in San Carlos is a hidden gem!

San Carlos, California has a hidden gem! On Laurel Street in San Carlos’s shopping district, there is a boutique owned by designer Victoria Bracha which not only carries her own original designs, the shop is jam-packed with several brands and designers! Bracha not only carries hard-to-find brands and Victoria Bracha’s apparel, the boutique is stocked with handbags, jewelry and accessories! Love this!

I am absolutely smitten with Bracha. The boutique has so many unique designs; it is a refreshing change from the common styles we find at the mall. Does anyone really want to look like everyone else and show up at a party or event wearing the same thing as the girl standing next to them? I think not.

At Bracha there are so many unique styles which reflect the current season’s color palette and runway trends. Bracha is stocked with bright colors, prints, lace, black/white ensembles and a little touch of rocker-chic. Here are a few snap-shots from inside Bracha showcasing the boutique’s current summer stock. There is a black dress with a floral print calling my name! And the wish list grows. . .

Watch for a couple of outfit posts here on Bay Area Fashionista next week featuring attire from Bracha!

To learn more about local designer Victoria Bracha, please visit To keep up with Bracha, join them on Facebook and Twitter! If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to stop in and check out all of the fabulous attire and accessories! If you see something in this article, or on their Facebook page you love, and you are not local, feel free to call the shop to inquire! Bracha’s phone number is 1-650-620-9900.

Bracha is located at 654 Laurel Street in San Carlos. If you stop by on a busy day, there is a huge parking lot in the back of the store with plenty of parking; and shade! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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All photos feature merchandise from Bracha in San Carlos.
Photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©