Grey for the winter 2013 season

While burgundy was the new black for fall 2012, and blue is predicted to be the new black for spring 2013, the soft shade of grey is the new black for the current, winter 2013 season.

Grey can be found in so many forms including soft hues, dark shades of charcoal and sparkling metallics. The wonderful thing about the color grey is that it is black mixed with white; making it the ultimate replacement neutral for classic black. Love that!

The color grey is perfect for pairing with the pastel hues of winter 2013. This soft shade is also easy to wear with bright colors, patterns, prints, and sparkling metallics. Want to wear a bright, neon green top? Pair it with grey jeans or pants. Why not wear a grey dress with those new, bright blue pumps? Or grey pumps with a new, bright blue dress? Grey is so easy to wear, it is no wonder why the hue becomes the new black every few years 

We found a few fabulous grey pieces around the web and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. They will look perfect with winter pastels, New Year’s glittering metallics, resort’s neon hues, and the upcoming bright colors of the spring/summer 2013 season. After all, grey is not just making an appearance for winter; this soft hue will be sticking around through the remainder of 2013.

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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